Pregnancy Sciatic & Back Pain

Pregnancy Sciatic & Back Pain
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10 Pregnancy Sciatica Remedies. 17 Feb, 2020

By Jane Dominey from Yogapilatesbcn 


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it doesn’t come without it’s ups and downs. Perhaps you knew about morning sickness and back pain, but weren’t expecting that pain in the butt that sometimes even travels down the back of your leg!  So if you are struggling with back pain and sciatica during pregnancy, you might be looking for some home remedies to relieve your Pregnancy Sciatica.

As you progress through  your pregnancy, your posture changes and the center of gravity shifts, putting more pressure on the lower back and pelvis.  You’ll probably be less energetic and end up sitting down more and doing less exercise.  Just sitting with a bad posture, round back or legs crossed can easily cause pelvic misalignments that cause sciatic pain.  Sciatic pain happens, when the largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve, which passes through your lower back, through your gluts and down your legs, can be put under pressure from the changes in your spine and the weight of your bump. This can cause inflammation, which can range from just feeling uncomfortable, to a stabbing pain, shooting pain, tingling or numbness.

Every pregnancy is different, and every woman’s body is different, so you should definitely discuss any aches, pains, potential pregnancy sciatica with your doctor, but here are some ideas that you can try at home to get you back to feeling good.

1. Move

Pregnancy sciatica can be at its worst when standing for long periods of time, try some gentle stretches, pregnancy yoga or going for a gentle walk to loosen up.

2. See a Pregnancy Osteopath or Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist 

I have studied Osteopathic manual therapy for over 6 years, and strongly believe that one of the best ways to help with sciatica is to see a prenatal Osteopath. This will help you with any potential misalignment and release tensions that may be pressuring on your nerve.   Visiting a Physio that is specialized in pregnancy or pelvic floor can also be helpful for diagnosing and releasing tension with manual therapy and gentle exercise.

3. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are staying well hydrated and eat plenty of protein and nutrients. Not getting enough nutrients and water can lead to back pain and sciatica as well.

4. Yoga 

The benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy include not only increased flexibility and strength, preparing your body for birth, but also Mayo Clinic discovered, deeper sleep, reduced stress, relief from sciatic and back pain and decreased risk of preterm labor.  At Yogapilatesbcn we specialize in Prenatal Yoga and Pilates and we are passionate about creating a community so that you can share your pregnancy journey and transition into motherhood with us and with other Pregnant women.  We offer classes every Monday and Wednesday at 18:15 and Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15.  We offer a free trial class to all of those who have joined our facebook group.  

5. Meditation & Relaxation

Sitting in a comfortable chair with a straight back, relaxing all your muscles and connecting with your breath can work wonders. Try placing a cushion behind your lower back to support you and perhaps a blanket or small cushion under your tailbone/seat bones, so that your upper legs are inclined downwards, (hips slightly higher than your knees) this will relieve the pressure from the lower back.. Take some long deep breaths and relax your body, breath and relax your muscles consciously.  Then move your attention progressively up your Chakras (energy centers)  or try focusing on the space in front of your third eye.  For more information on beginners meditation contact us and we’ll be happy to help you connect and start your journey!

6. Massage

Prenatal massage is wonderful for easing pain, reducing liquid retention, and helps with relaxation.  Massage can help relieve your pregnancy sciatica, but aside from that, it just feels good. When your body is going through so many changes, muscles may tighten or pull and you absolutely deserve a nice massage.

7. Ice or Heat?

The ice or heat question is a tricky one.  If you are just feeling some tension and tightness, I recommend a hot shower to relax muscles, gentle walking and perhaps a hot water bottle or hot bean bag to relieve tension and loosen your up.  However, if you are feeling strong pregnancy sciatica and feel that the nerve is inflamed,  I recommend an ice pack to relieve the inflammation (remember to be careful not to put it directly on the skin to avoid ice burns).  And of course the most important thing, when in doubt, see a professional!”

8. Heat

When treating your sciatica pain, Davidson says that «being aware of anything that seems to make it worse (or better) and altering behavior as possible» is the best route. So, if you find that Dr. Fairchild’s suggestion of ice isn’t doing the trick, Davidson says you can use heat in the form of a warm shower or «using a heating pad or warm rice sock for some relief.»

9. Stretching

While it might seem counterintuitive to try and touch your toes with your giant belly in the way, gentle stretches can help relieve the pain associated with pregnancy sciatica. «Stretch your hamstrings to help with not only sciatica, but help with swelling in the legs,» Dr. Fairchild tells Romper.

10. Hot shower or Bath

Hot showers and baths are amazing to help with soothing and calming tight muscles!  If you are lucky enough to have a bath tub, take a soak before bed to loosen up.

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