Malorie, US & Emilie, Sweden

No solo muy buena instructora de pilates y abdominales no presivas, pero fantastica con los bebes!!
Prenatal Yoga and Post natal Pilates classes for Mums and Babies are so worth while.  We are friends, expats and new mamas who have been living in Barcelona for a year and a half. We began post natal pilates for mums and babies with Jane when our babies were 2.5 months old.   As any new mum can attest, having a tiny baby at home can feel isolating and can get a bit boring no matter how enchanting your baby’s smile is, so the pilates classes for us, have been a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house, be with other mums, and still be in a very baby-friendly environment. And as expats here in Barcelona, with our sleep-deprived mommy brains it’s wonderful that we can do the class in English!

Mums: don’t be deterred by attending a post partum pilates class with your baby if you are unsure if your little one can make it one hour without fussing or needing a cuddle! Jane is not only a great fitness instructor, but a gracious host and brilliant with babies. We are able to arrive at her cozy studio a bit before the class to feed the babies so that they are more alert and happy during the class. Jane works hard to make sure that we get the most out of our workout by showing us ways to incorporate the baby into exercises (physically or with toys to distract them) so that babies stay engaged and happier longer – she even has a trick or two up her sleeve to amuse the babes herself in a pinch while we finish a set of exercises!

We also get a lot of useful coaching during the class to ensure that we are doing the exercises correctly to maximize our efforts rather than simply going through the motions. And, of course, Pilates in general is a great postpartum workout choice as it focuses on restoring strength to your core muscles after carrying around that bambino for 9 months, but does so gently so that you can respect your body’s healing process and avoid post-partum workout injury common if you try to do too much too quickly after the baby.

We hope to see you at a class in the future!
Malorie & Emelie