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Pilates healthy spine, strong and flexible body.Pilates Classes in Barcelona Eixample Dret

Pilates Classes in small groups with personal attention and variations according to your needs.  We combine exercises from the original Pilates Method with some more recent methods  by famous physiotherapist Blandine Calais Germain.  This combination ensures that your practice is safe and effective, avoiding unnecessary pressure on and protecting the spinal disks and the pelvic floor.   Our pilates practice delivers fast and notable results especially in regard to back pain relief, posture correction, strengthening and toning (long lean muscles) and gaining flexibility.

About our methods:
Original Pilates Method Well known for strengthening core muscles, relieving back pain, increasing elasticity, improving balance etc.
Abdominals without risk
A beautiful flow of exercises with fluid transitions, no pressure on pelvic floor or spine, excellent results for lifting and tucking in the abdomen
Perineum in movement
Pelvic floor toning, increased circulation, control and sensitivity, ideal for women of all ages, and especially interesting for pregnant ladies, mothers and women over 50 and men who cycle regularly
Movements designed to release tight muscles and joints.  Excellent for those who suffer from generally tight muscles, have had restricted movement, recovering from injuries or problems with cartilage, osteoperosis etc.

Blandine Calais Germain, famous author of ´Pilates without risk´ and ´Anatomy of Movement´ book (study bible for many physios, sport professionals,  pilates teachers and dance teachers).
Her methods are known as the best and most uptodate among sports professionals and therapists in the wellness industry.

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Clase Pilates trial – 10 Euros
Clase Pilates dropin – 15 Euros
x1 class per week, monthly  50 Euros + deposit 35 Euros
x2 classes  per week, monthly 75 Euros + deposit 35 Euros
Private Class Trial: 50 Euros
Pack x5 Private classes: 250 Euros


Horario Monday 19:30 Tuesday 09:00, 19:30, Wednesday 19:15 Thursday 09:00, 18:25, 19:30 + Private classes (please ask for availability)