For the better recovery we recommend you to combine Physiotherapy or Manual Therapy sessions with Physio Pilates, with personal attention and progression designed for you. The Physio Pilates lessons are done with up to 5 people to ensure high quality and personalized variations.

The best formula is to combine Physiotherapy with Pilates

If you suffer from back pain, tension in the neck or poor posture for better results health experts recommend… 

1) Regular treatments of Ostheopathy, Manual Therapy or Physiotherapy  

2) Pilates – Private lessons or in a small group with professional instructions  

3) A program of specific exercises for your needs  

4) Avoid exercises of great impact and/or weight. If you have any injuries, there are some excercises and movements you should avoid. It’s better to consult a professional first, and don’t look for solutions on Youtube or go to a gym class with 20 people.  

5) It’s crucial that the teacher corrects you and gives good advice for your movements in your every day life 

6) Change your bad habits and organize your office or work place to be more comfortable (computer at your eye level, arm and lower back support, etc.) If you have suffered an injury or are in need to correct your posture to relieve tension and pain, the most important thing is to do specific exercises for your personal needs. Get a professional teacher to instruct you the right way and that makes sure you’re doing the excercises correctly. Also, if it’s necessary, change your habits and environment to prevent re-injury. 



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