Tango Retreats

It is with great pleasure that I share with you my passion for Tango, Yoga and Wellbeing!  The purpose of these retreats (aside from my own enjoyment) is for you to retreat from your day to day life, immerse yourself in your wellbeing, connect your mind, body and soul and go deeply into your tango!  These weekends of complete immersion are truly transformative.

I have always felt that Tango is about connection, expression, communication, masculine and feminine energy and art!  Tango is not only a beautiful dance, but also a playground of life, where whether you like it or not, you’ll surely discover a lot about yourself and your interactions with others.   You’ll bump into your personal boundaries, dance with strangers, express emotions and feel great highs and lows.  All of this wonderful emotional rollercoaster action while wearing a fabulous dress or suit and sexy shoes and travelling the world!  What a hobby!!!

These retreats are all about sharing, creating, expanding and having fun with your tango!  I have created a warm and intimate environment where you can relax and freely express yourself, practice with plenty of time to embody your movements, get personal adjustments and tips from the best teachers, and go inside to connect with yourself, your body and your dance.  And it is my promise to you, that this intensive weekend will not only transform your tango, but, if you let it, this energy will go home with you and light you up in ways you cannot imagine!

My Signature Retreats

All of my retreats embody 4 pillars of excellence
TECHNIQUE Excellent Tango Teachers
MIND & BODY Yoga and meditation
GREAT FOOD & WINE Delicious local & Argentine cuisine
ACTIVITIES Enjoy the spa, walking tour or Milongas together after class

Tango Soul
Special Guest: Roxana Suarez
Dates: Barcelona Sep 2019

A women’s retreat of Tango Technique, Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition.  Let your light shine from within! More info 

AdornArte Tango Make-Over
Special Guest: Maya Grego
Barcelona May 3-5 2019

A retreat for women to decorate their dance and your image inside and out! Tango embellishments, makeup, colours, fabrics, yoga and body language! A really girly weekend! More info

Tango Romance

A romantic retreat for couples to enjoy Vals, Thai massage, Partner Yoga and Spa treatments!