1-3 March 2018, Barcelona
Roxana Suarez & Jane Dominey

Exclusive Women’s Tango and Yoga Retreat with Roxana Suarez and Jane Dominey in Barcelona!

We have designed this unique program to make a true transformation in your dance!  Our holistic approach, 1-1 advice and hands on corrections by world class teachers will help you break through to the next level by increasing your flexibility,  perfecting your women’s technique, connecting with musicality and building your self confidence.  We’ll work in a small group of maximum 12 ladies to make sure that you get the personal attention that you deserve and to create an intimate and supportive vibe where you can practice as much as you need and ask all the questions you want without any rush or embarrassment.

So, if you are tired of big group classes, or you feel that you don’t get the attention and corrections that you need, or that your body and flexibility are holding you back,  then this retreat is for you!  Stop spinning circles around that ‘hombre’ and let us help you bring out your inner dancer, feminine creativity and confidence to shine!

Small group = Big Change

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To reserve your place, simply pay the deposit 250 Euros and leave your name and email via our secure payment page and we’ll be in contact shortly to confirm your reservation.

For returning students we are offering a 10% discount and of course we have new content to share!

Please feel free to call me or whatsapp me on +34 687.303.598  if you have any questions, Looking forward to sharing the weekend with you!  Jane

Take this fantastic and unique opportunity to join Roxana Suarez and her personal yoga teacher for 16 hours of intensive tango, yoga and stretching, meditation and nutrition PLUS enjoy a relaxing spa and massage and meals with the teachers!

  • Personalised tuition with world class performer, Roxana Suarez
  • Yoga and stretching with Jane Dominey
  • Small and intensive group classes, max 12 px
  • Advice and corrections for your personal tango technique
  • Stretching and exercise tips according to your body and flexibility
  • Yoga and stretching quick routines for tango dancers
  • Meditation, confidence and mindset for dancers (social and professional)
  • Nutrition and energy workshops
  • 5***** Spa circuit and massage
  • Great food, wine and company!


Enjoy a luxurious women’s weekend of tango, yoga, spa & massage and of course, good food, wine and great milongas!


Tango, Yoga, Meditation

Women’s technique, yoga, stretching, meditation and nutrition for Tango dancers!


Sat – Local menu del dia
Sun – Argentinian parrillada

16831049_10212114406393365_5027208996242588555_nMilongas (optional)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Dress up and show off your new moves and enjoy Barcelona’s best milongas with your new girlfriends!

42045485_10156903765907625_1911941899116085248_o (1)4**** Spa/Massage

Relax and enjoy a luxurious spa circuit and massage

What to expect


Isn’t it frustrating that however much you practice, your body flexibility holds you back from unravelling with elegant dissociation and allowing your legs to simply continue your movement resulting in incredible boleos!  This weekend, Jane will loosen you up in all the right places, unlocking your spine, hips and shoulders. Yoga and stretching greatly improve your breathing, posture, balance and flexibility, all necessary to produce elegant and flowing embellishments!

technique1Women’s tango technique 

Women’s technique in a small and personal group. Roxana will teach you her most elegant embellishments and pick up on all the tiny changes you can make to improve your posture, dissociation and style, making a real breakthrough in your dance.  Get the personal corrections that you need and practice in a supportive group!

smoothie-CHOPPEDEnergetic nutrition

Are you what you eat? Following a healthy diet on the go can be tough, but beauty and energy works from the inside out.  How does your diet affect your energy levels, emotions and ultimately your dance? Find out this weekend how top dancers take care of their nutrition for a healthy mind and body balance!

40532710_1670295436413592_9136332407182458880_oMeditation & Coaching

One of the factors that greatly affects your performance is confidence. When you dance, are you 100% present or worrying about your style? We’ll teach you how to connect with your partner, overcome your nerves and boost your confidence!  Whether you want to be more in the receptive mode at the Milonga or to prepare yourself for your first professional performance, meditation can help!!



To reserve your place, simply pay the deposit 250 Euros and leave your name via our secure payment page and send us an email via the contact page with your details so we can contact you.  Looking forward to sharing the weekend with you!

alternatively via your own account PAYPAL

Please note that deposits are nonrefundable/nonexchangable and that any transfer fees incurred are not included in the price of the event.