Fertility yoga, prenatal yoga, hormone yoga

Hi, I’m Jane Dominey and I will be your yoga and pilates instructor in this program.  I founded my studio, yogapilatesbcn, in 2010 and throughout this time I have continued to go deeper in my studies.

I am specialised in back pain and joint care,  pregnancy yoga, pelvic floor and abdominals for women and hormone balancing yoga. I’ve been studying osteopathic manual therapy since 2014 which helps me to recognise imbalance and offer personalised variations to my students to help them improve their posture and alignment and recover from injuries.  For my CV, click here. 

I take the time to get to know all of my students so that I can better serve them and create a community vibe in my small and friendly studio and on our online courses.  My classes are personal, friendly and help to cultivate mind and body awareness, empower women to harness their feminine energy and give my students a deeper understanding of their practice.

As most of my students are women, over the past 10 years I have supported many of them through fertility issues, pregnancy, becoming a mum and transitioning through menopause.  So, my latest project is FemFlow.  A cycle specific yoga and meditation program for Fertility, Pregnancy, Mums and Babies and Hormone Balance.

Outside of work, you’ll find me dancing Argentine Tango, travelling, meditating, having BBQ’s with friends and riding horses.  I have created my own signature program of yoga for dancers with world renowned Argentine Tango dancer Roxana Suarez and participated and volunteered at many meditation events including Dr Joe Dispenza advanced meditation retreats a

I have also been invited and taught palpatory anatomy and therapeutic yoga at various teacher trainings for other schools. 

I am passionate about yoga, healthy living, dance, meditation, feminine energy, horses and travel.