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Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or have just given birth, we have the perfect program and community to accompany your FemFlow

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FemFlow Fertility Yoga Course

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with IUI / IVF, fertility yoga can help you get pregnant.

The FemFlow fertility yoga program offers pre-recorded cycle specific yoga, meditation, acupressure and fertility massage. This holistic combination acts to balance your hormones supporting each phase of your cycle, stimulate your reproductive glands, increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, relax your mind and calm your nervous system.

We also have weekly livestream classes to keep you connected, motivated and on the mat.  We come together for our weekly fertility circle calls where you’ll receive unconditional support from women who are on the same journey as you.  It’s so comforting to be able to talk about how you feel, and so empowering to discuss important decisions you may be facing, ask questions and get support from other women who may have already been down that road and can tell you their experience.  You are absolutely not alone, and being part of a fertility community can often make the difference to keeping up the work or giving up.

The FemFlow fertility program also provides you with tutorials on getting to know your cycle and live Q/A calls with fertility professionals who can answer your personal questions and help you start  making changes in your lifestyle that will support your health and your fertility.

This course is not only about your fertility, its profoundly transformational.  This journey not only reconnects you with yourself, your body and your your cycle, but also holds your hand as you step out of your comfort zone, embrace change and take baby steps into your future.

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FemFlow Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a really special time and also a time to embrace your courage. Whether you are pregnant for the first time, are graduating from our fertility program, a single mum or already have children at home, you are going to go through a lot of changes and having the support of our online program can make all the difference.

The FemFlow pregnancy program offers you livestream prenatal yoga and pilates classes to keep you motivated and on the mat.  The livestreams are suitable for all levels and trimesters and will keep you strong and flexible during your pregnancy and prepare you for birth. You can also choose from our pre-recorded videos for each trimester, we have short and long flows to practice in your own time at home, so no excuses 😉  Our pregnancy meditations will help you unwind and relax or tune in and transcend your emotions during this time and prepare you for birth and becoming a mother.

And finally, our weekly pregnancy community calls and facebook group creates a space for you to share your journey and ask questions and get support from other pregnant women.  We also have regular Q/A sessions with guest speakers.



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Enjoy a series of gentle abdominal and pelvic floor  exercises to help you recover and realign after giving birth.  You’ll also have access to a collection of relaxing yoga flows and pilates exercises to help release tight shoulders from breast feeding and relieve back pain from picking up and carrying around babies and strollers.

The videos are short and sweet, so you can fit them in to nap time, and there are also some exercises that you can do while bonding with your baby! 

We also invite you to join our community calls and facebook group where you can share your motherhood journey, experiences and connect and ask questions to other women who have recently given birth.